Thesis Film

I went back to school! In spring 2019, I graduated from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC, where I earned an MFA in computer animation. To graduate I had to complete an animated short film.

It’s called Warmth, and it’s not available publically online yet.

But I think I might put it up this summer (2020).

Here is a little blurb about it:

Whether to fight for survival or to take a chance on an enemy is the tough decision at the core of the CG animated short, Warmth, by Jen Hurler. When a boy alone in the woods faces a tiger, the two realize that they’re not so different. This film, with its minimal setting, evokes the cold isolation at the beginning but through its watercolor art direction and small message of empathy will leave audiences a little warmer.

Throughout the process, I documented my journey over on YouTube, as an informal vlog. I started it 40 weeks before my film was due, logging each passing week as a 4-10 minute episode. Some are definitely more informative than others, as the demands of the film itself varied from week to week.

Here is episode one:

You can find a playlist of all the videos here.