Some Summer Experiences I Still Need to Experience

Personal / Sunday, August 20th, 2017

Dang. It’s already mid-August. How? HOW!?
There are still a few things left to do this summer before it ends and the creeping cold of autumn starts to sneak in. Summer technically doesn’t end until the 22nd of September, so I do have some time. And I actually already recently accomplished 2 3 of 7 things on here, as I’ve had this list in drafts since July. 😛 So here are some end of summer experiences I still need to experience:

1. Go camping. I like camping. I don’t always (read: I never) like hiking, but I usually enjoy camping. If my friends want to go on an 8 mile hike and I stay in a hammock reading a book, or swimming in a lake (or both), that’s a win-win for everyone. The weather has been so unpredictable this summer, so I haven’t gone yet. The few good weekends we’ve had I already had plans. There’s only a few months left to go (which sounds like a lot), but weekends are so fleeting.

2. Visit the HAPA food truck. This food truck drives around Stamford/Greenwich, Connecticut area, and has even come to the building where I work at, and I still have yet to eat it. They are Asian Pacific cuisine meets classic American grilling and fusion dishes, including Filipino chicken adobo tacos, Korean short ribs tacos, fries topped with Japanese furikake, burgers made with ube (Filipino purple yams) buns topped with pork belly. Their menu is very small, but rarely do I find a restaurant where I want to try every single thing on the menu (and look forward to eating through an entire menu). Also, this company is Instagram goals:

3. Swim at the beach. I’ve gone to the beach a number of times this summer, but I need to track when high tide occurs better. We always go during low tide, and while it’s fun to be able to walk out so far, it’s pretty hard to get in an actual swim when it’s so shallow.

4. Eat outside downtown. I usually only ever walk through the downtown area on my way to Target, the library, or the arthouse theater, but never to actually sit and eat. I’ve gone to the 50’s themed diner in the vicinity, and the 16Handles, but but once this summer. I just want a nice froyo covered in mochi or chocolate-peanut-butter milkshake.

Update: As I said, I’ve had this list in drafts for a while, but I actually did this one recently, and still wanted to include it BECAUSE I CAN. For the bf and my anniversary, we ate outside at an Italian restaurant near the library. The food was so good and the portions were massive and we were sat between two tables with dogs. Thank you, outdoor seating.

5. Go to the farmer’s market. It’s every Saturday from 9-3pm until the last Saturday of October, and yet I haven’t gotten over there. Last year I only went once too and there was sooo much good stuff–not just fresh, inexpensive, and local fruits and veg, but breads, jams, olives, pies, pesto, cheeses, meats, eggs…cheesecake in a jar!? I don’t even like cheesecake…but it was in JARS. There were also local vendors selling non-food items like hand-made soaps, lotions, candles, etc., which was cool to see.


6. Join my local YMCA. Not really a summer specific thing, I know, but it’s time. It’s time, I know, I know. Gross. A gym membership? Paying money for something I should be able to do anywhere? Or some friends may even wonder why I’m not just rejoining the rock-climbing gym everyone I know goes to. As much as I enjoy climbing, I wasn’t getting the workout I needed. I was for sure getting a workout, but it wasn’t doing much for my overall fitness (read: I was still getting winded when walking up the five flights of stairs at Target). The one type of exercise I do enjoy is swimming. Dancing too, but I can’t turn something I love so much into scheduled work I inherently dislike on principle. Swimming, however, can be that thing without me resenting it, mainly because swimming serves as an exercise for both my body and my mind. I’m sure running–especially around a track–can be quite meditative (while also destroying your knees!), but there’s something great about being cut off from all sounds while underwater and just in your head, focusing on your rhythm and breathing. I also love exercise when you can’t feel yourself getting sweaty.

UpdateI actually recently joined an LA Fitness. It’s half the price of the YMCA and the pool hours are long and there are no times where you can’t use the pool (like, the YMCA has blocks of time set aside for swim teams, swim lessons, family time, etc.). I can also attend any classes they hold, use the whole facility, etc. etc. Not that I will. I literally just needed a pool.

7. Go to the aquarium. It’s right there, and I still haven’t gone. Come on! I think there’s a zoo nearby too, but one step at a time. I think my library even had free passes that you can check out. Will have to look into that..

There ya have it. I don’t really have a timeline or anything. These aren’t big things like my 30-before-30 or general life goals, though these are things I want to experience while I am living where I am. These are just some things that I am hoping to do soon.

Social Justice BONUS:

8. Donate.  I’m very luck to have grown up in and live in areas that are a bit more liberal, but that’s not the same for others. I live in an area where I CAN enjoy a farmer’s market without worrying too much about domestic terrorists. Not to say they don’t exist in the Northeast, as they do, and are not to be ignored just because there are bigger problems elsewhere.

In light of recent events, consider donating to a national, local, or Charlottesville-area non-profits like the ACLU, SPLC, NAACP (or the local Charlottesville NAACP branch), the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,  Black Lives Matter Charlottesville (as instructed in this handy article, among other suggestions for contributing in big or small ways), Charlottesville Pride (for LGBT support), and so, so many others listed here: What To Do About Charlottesville.

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