September 2016

Recap / Sunday, October 2nd, 2016

I know that at this point, everyone ALWAYS says this, but I really do feel like this year only just started a little while ago. I’ve caught myself accidentally referring to February as a “few” weeks ago a number of times, as late as last week. I still remember the first day of the year so clearly (and the delicious Mexican restaurant around the corner that I still haven’t been back to since…so maybe that’s it!).

That being said, September did actually drag on a bit for me. I think I get really pumped up about it, what with the seasons changing and all of the back-to-school excitement, but then realize that none of that really affects me anymore and I get bummed out. I’ve been forcefully removed from school for two years now, and yet I still let that autumn buzz hit me. Maybe because I didn’t actually get any closure? That for sure, but also because I think for a lot of people we still do just hold on to that fresh start. We love fresh starts! We’re only humans after all. Personally, I think that’s why New Years is a bit of a joke some times. Like, this “reset button” is essentially in the middle of nowhere. It’s not like you have a long break from work or that anything really changes. Arguably, the same goes for summer too, as an adult, but still people do tend to take advantage of the warmer months2 and take vacation. The logical part of that too being that most adults (at least that I work with) are parents and thus their kids are out and so their schedules adapt slightly.

What a tangent. In any case, because I adore the new school year3, I’ve always seen it as a fresh start. It also helps that my birthday is in the fall. For the last six or so years, I’ve treated my birthday like the start of the new year rather than New Years because, it literally is MY new year. It’s easier to remember my life by that milestone than the random banality of January 1st. I’ll certainly use January first as a check point to see how I’m doing, and that’s when–if I do–post about goals publicly online. But I should just fully commit and shift that. So maybe I will this year, for my birthday. It’s annoying because, or course with January 1st you have the easy catalog of summing up 2016 or projecting onto 2017 as a whole, but that’s just mind over matter, no?

Okay, let’s start with the actual recap! The first Saturday of the month was the final Podcasting class I’d been taking at my local library. It was actually pretty sad to have it end, as we had a great and interesting group. It also served as a great check-in each week for my progress not just on a podcast, but on my in-progress animation website in general. The second Saturday, I was invited by the teacher of the class, Mike, and his friend (and my classmate) Ric, to join them in recording Ric’s third episode of his Action Film Autopsy podcast. It was such a fun day, concluded with delicious food and Jackie Chan’s latest film, Skiptrace. After that class ended, I realized that I needed to at least get an into podcast up on my site, which I finally did:

With the class ending though, I still got to hang out with Mike and Ric weekly, as Mike was starting a new class on Comic books. It’s just us, so we tend to hang out and talk about comics and their filmic adaptations, as well as still helping each other keep on-task with our podcasts. We went to see Storks together, and even recorded a podcast episode reviewing and discussing it during the class one week! Still working on getting that one out.

One of the highlights of the month for me was seeing the newly dubbed Digimon Adventure Tri film! It was part 1 of 4 planned films, and the English dub brought back a lot of the original voice cast from the show, which was one of the formative shows of my childhood, not even exaggerating a little bit.

My boyfriend’s family visited from LA in September, and I was able to join them for a few days in NYC. We showed them Central Park, Chinatown, the World Trade Observatory, the Brooklyn Bridge, and a few other places in those two days. It was nice for me to try to look at New York through a tourist’s eyes, and go to a lot of these places I never bother with.

The following week, I was back in the city, at the MoMA to see animation legend Richard Williams discuss his life and works with animation historian John Canemaker. I’m a big fan of both, so I was thrilled. They were such a fun pair. And I also got to see it with long time Internet pal, Sam! We started talking on Twitter I don’t know when, and we finally met up to see this! After, we grabbed some AMAZING sushi and just chatted animation.

The end of September marks my 2-year anniversary working at Blue Sky. While I’m not where I want to be position-wise, I’m certainly happy with my department and where I am in the studio and film pipeline in general. I get to be in the room where it happens1, working daily with producers, directors, screenwriters, and artists who have been in the industry for forever, before the CG boom hit. Every one of them teaches me a masterclass in story, filmmaking, dialogue, conflict, 3 or 4 act structure, pacing, drawing…everything. We have the same interest in comics and graphic novels, animation history, and then they also have the real-life stories of working on some of my favorite films and shows. It feels a bit weird to speak about them like one collective hive-mind, as of course, they are all individuals, but in general I feel like I just vibe really well with this department. I was reminded of this all a lot this month.

There were a few housekeeping achievements I was happy with myself about..finally seeing an optometrist, and making other appointments, having a lovely and much needed phone call with one of my cousins, and deciding to switch planners and start using the Passion Planner. It hasn’t been long enough to really evaluate (I started it literally a week ago) but I like how the structure is very goal-oriented. I’ve also been doing okay-ish with my reading goals. Not the best this month, but I’m mindful of that.

Next month (read: this month) has some things I’m already looking forward to. New York Comic Con is next Saturday already! And I think I might belatedly join Inktober, and work on something specific like animals or lettering or something. Day 2 and I still haven’t planned. I also need to start thinking of ideas for a story for NaNoWriMo!

1. #YayHamlet
2. Speaking very knowingly America-centric, season/weather-wise
3. Hermione Granger up in here

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