1 Down, 11 To Go

It’s very difficult for me to think that January ’15 is already behind us. I still feel as though 2015 has only just begun. I mean, that’s still true, but I still find it moving at an alarming pace.

Once I started working at Blue Sky Studios (as opposed to every other job I’ve had–ever), I did notice that the weeks tended (and continue) to fly by. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually slightly quieter days in the schedule, but some weeks I swear we just up and decide to skip those days entirely.

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It pains me a little to write something as cliche as what this post is going to be, but I think starting off and being slightly disappointed in yourself is a good way to eventually overcome those feelings. Better to create something and it be something that you hate than create nothing at all. Honestly, I’m not big on New Years. For me, the passage of time isn’t necessarily something I’m keen to celebrate. January 1st is an arbitrary date, but because of the meanings we place on it, and the vacation time, it does provide an ideal chance to reflect and gather one’s bearings. There are truly so many things I want to do and learn.

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Howdy y’all.

As I write this, I am procrastinating. It is the night before my flight across North America and into the Canada. For those of you who don’t know, SIGGRAPH is an organization for nerds who love computer graphics. It’s sort of a big deal. The Siggraph conference is where all of the industry giants–both the companies and the people–gather to share and exchange research and ideas about our wonderfully twisted industry. This is where vfx artists, animation technical directors, computer science PhDs, programmers, game designers, developers, tinkerers, enthusiasts, and students learn, share, meet, mingle and make some memories.

Last year I was a student volunteer, where I actually worked for and at the conference in exchange for free access to it during my off time. This year, I’m returning as a team leader who helps manage the volunteers as well as the venues. I’m assigned to the art gallery, so come say hi if you see this!

There’s so much to do still… I’ve got to pack and organize my conference-related stuff such as business cards and schedule of things I’d like to attend and deal with all the last minute things like my phone plan being in another country…? Shouldn’t that be easy by now?

I also FINALLY updated my personal website for this conference too! Check it out here!

Siggraph always give me the swift kick in the ass I need to get myself motivated and reinvigorated. Now, it’s not that I get demotivated..but it gives me a slight confidence boost that I get to be around all of these hard-working, intelligent people who are so willing to create and contribute to an actual community. I always feel their good karma passes on to me, and I hope I can keep passing it along.

Signigicant Songs

Today’s prompt comes from The Daily Post’s Writing 101 June Challenge, which involves significant songs. So I’ll write about the three most important songs in my life, and what they mean to me.

Thinking about this prompt, I realized that, with my iPod dead and my laptop (with my iTunes) dead, I haven’t had access to my music collection in about three years. I also now realize that a lot of the songs I loved growing up were about drugs..?

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A Room with A View

This prompt comes from The Daily Post’s Writing 101 June Challenge, which I will be doing a couple of just to get comfortable blogging.

With so many of my closest friends far away, I feel pangs of guilt when I think back to all of the wasted opportunities we’d had when we all lived so close to one another in undergrad. We took advantage of it–don’t get me wrong–but now I realize just what we had. Even then, I thought I understood, I felt that I had been keenly aware that I needed to treasure those times, and I did…and I do…but now, I think I truly understand just how special and irreplaceable that time was. However, the dorm was just a dorm.

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