October 2017

Personal, Recap / Saturday, November 18th, 2017

October started off with a bang. That seems to happen to me quite often though…going for a long time with nothing going on only to have several big ticket items practically tripping over each other. In this case, it was some of NYC’s finest offerings (for me at least).

The first of the month is usually the last day for the NY Renaissance Faire, and somehow manages to be the only day I ever manage to go. This, much like New York Comic Con, is one of those events where once you’ve been once you sort of don’t need to go again. But I do like to return to the Ren Faire for the food, let’s be honest. Dragon Chips, specifically. And my friends and I enjoy the archery and ninja stars as well. Axes are also fun, but I recommend skipping the knives. Just not as fun. The joust this year was also fantastic and surprisingly bloody. I’m not sure if it was because we caught the very last joust of the entire season or if every end-of-day joust has as an elaborate a story as the one we witnessed.

Later in the week I saw Hamilton on Broadway, and it exceeded expectations. It was fascinating to see the show, and to see how the staging and extra things added so many more layers than listening to just the music. Which is obvious, but it’s just that Hamilton uses the stage in so many more ways than most of the Broadway shows I’ve seen. I don’t want to talk it up too much as seeing shows on Broadway is a very expensive and privileged thing to get to do. But if it’s in your means, of course go. I do know that they recorded a few performances with the original cast so I imagine that somewhere down the line they will do wide release theatrically like they did for Newsies and Allegiance. And I remember even watching recordings of Cats and Les Mis on VHS way back when. It’s nice to see them offering up alternatives for people who can’t get to NYC or Chicago or LA.

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Goddammit I'm willing to wait for it #yayHamlet

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I totally cried during my favorite, and probably one of the more understated performances (in terms of staging/choreo and whatnot), “Wait for It.” I mean, I cried a few times, but that’s what I’d been most looking forward to. I was lucky to have gotten tickets for my parents and my tia for Christmas last year. The bf and I sneakily paid for dinner following the show as well!

Following dinner, my parents and aunt departed and the bf and I wandered around Time Square for a little, popping into the Disney Store as well as the pop-up LINE shop where as much as I tried to find something I could not find ANYTHING remotely interesting to purchase. I was so ready to hand these people over my money on overpriced stationary with lovable IPs BUT NO, nothing.

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#LINE !!!!

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The next day, the bf and I enjoyed a day off as part of our stay-cation. We mostly hung out home, but ran out to track down the Hapa Food truck, which had been one of the things I wanted on my list from Some Summer Experiences I Still Need to Experience. Not quite summer, but we’ll let it slide.

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Korean ribeye tacos 🌮 #hapafoodtruck

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Furikake fries 😍🍟#hapafoodtruck

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I’d ordered a coke with my food, but they’d run out and didn’t have anything else I liked, so they gave us a free coconut!!

The week wrapped up with a day spent at NEW YORK COMIC CON! This year I decided to only go for one day. This was partly because this year they stopped selling multi-day passes (so instead of paying ~$60 for Fri-Sat-Sun they were charging $50 EACH for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). I get it’s meant to also thwart scalpers–something that in the last 3 years of the con I’ve seen drastic improvements on, but that’s a lot. Especially for me, who mostly wants to check out a few smaller panels and the exhibition hall/artist alley. So I opted for Friday, noticing that more and more of the types of panels I care about (the more educational and informative ones) have been getting pushed off Saturday and Sunday. This guess was right, but next year I may even just go for Thursday since they’ve really beefed up that day.

I need to do a fully write up of my day at NYCC soon. Maybe I’ll post it on Animation Complex. After comic con each year I always walk over to one of my favorite spots in NYC, Go Go Curry! for some authentic and delicious Japanese curry.

After that, my month was pretty quiet socially, mostly because work got pretty hectic. One highlight was John Green’s new book coming out on Naruto’s birthday October 10th! I read it in a day, which was a mean reminder that I’m behind on my reading challenge and that I could catch up if I just made more time to read during the weekdays. But it’s hard for me to use that time after work well. That’s been my biggest challenge this year, to be honest.

For Halloween, we did a few things, like out annual trip to Bear Mountain, as well as barbecue at a friend’s house, which included a screening of Hocus Pocus.

In terms of outings to the movies, work screened two that I’d wanted to see: the second Kingsman film, and Goodbye Christopher Robin, both of which I enjoyed for very different reasons. I also saw Blade Runner 2049, which…I have mixed feelings about. I actually didn’t watch too many films last month though. Had I not been in mind-November, knowing that CocoFerdinand, and Star Wars are well on their way, I’d have been worried about hitting my goal of 100. But I aught to hit that soon.

So, yeah, that was kind of it. Pretty loud start that went pretty mellow, which is how I do like things. Of course, it’s easier to write a bit more on the shallow side about the month when you’ve accidentally waited until the next month was half way over before starting…again.  😐

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