October 2016

Personal / Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

My oh my how fall has fallen. Where September lagged for me, October just dropped like the leaves on the Whomping Willow.

I can’t be too hard time for…well, being time. But I do mind how much I didn’t mind it, because I just sort of missed out on lots of fun fall things. No apple picking or visiting Sleepy Hollow AGAIN in the two years I’ve lived close to it. No staying in a cabin like I’d planned. And I’m sure my outdoorsy boyfriend would have wanted loads more hiking and outdoor climbing treks.

But despite that, a lot did indeed happen last month!

The first of the month found me back home in NJ to visit some extended family who were in from LA. I’m not sure how long I’ll be lucky to stay living on the east coast, so I always appreciate being able to drop in. On the way, I introduced the bf to Mitsuwa and Kinokunya, a Japanese food court/food store/shoping center. I also went back another weekend this month, to get some Dominican food at a new place in town, and to watch the PBS documentary about Hamilton! It was streaming online, but going home to see it on a huge TV was also pretty nice. And because we had access to cable, I was able to watch a documentary, billed (stupidly) as a “horrormentary” about rats called…Rats, that was on Discovery. It was very informative, but a little too corny at times trying to fear monger. One of the unexpected joys of watching it was that, as I live-tweeted it, I had a long and lovely conversation with a NASA scientist who was also watching!

I guess staying along with the documentaries, work showed a documentary about an artist, Tyrus Wong, who worked at Disney for a brief period, among other more notable art accomplishments. I had supported the documentary, Tyrus Wong: Bruskstrokes in Hollywood on Kickstarter years ago, so it was so rewarding to finally see it in full with a Q&A with the director afterwards. Blue Sky has loaded up a few months worth of exciting screenings for us, which also gave me a chance to see GKids latest anime acquisition, Miss Hokusai. To be honest, I’m still not sure how I feel about this one, but that’s a whole other post in itself! Another film of note that I saw this month was Hideki Anno’s Shin Godzilla, which is going gangbangers in Japan. I really loved it, but I can definitely see audiences being very split on it. I think my familiarity with Anno’s previous work, Neon Genesis Evangelion, really helped in my case.

Two big events that happened this month was a camping trip and New York Comic Con. A lot of my friends from work are big outdoor folks, so I get roped into these trips. A few of us camped around the Lake Placid area and hiked up Baker Mountain in New York. As much as I don’t like hiking, I do like being in the woods and exploring nature. And this trip made me want to cosplay Princess Mononoke…

NYCC was a bit of the same old same old. I’m not big on the larger celebrity events in the large halls, so my experience is really determined by what panels there are. And frankly this year on Saturday there weren’t as many that struck my interest. Thursday actually seemed to have more of the academic/educational panels I enjoy–perhaps they are shifting them to the least popular day. The booths and artist alley was normal, bar a few rude people. And the lines were no issue for me, which was great considering the apparent disaster they were the previous day. I’ll likely do a full write up on NYCC as well as a video in the future. : )

There were some other minor things this month that were work noting for me. I totally failed at Inktober. I did two and then just never did it again. But I’m glad I did the two that I did? I also won a signed copy of the final Naruto volume from Kinokunya, which was so wonderfully unexpected. And my artbook for The Iron Giant came in, which I had signed by a few co-workers who worked on it.

The week leading up to Halloween was a mixed bag. My studio throws two parties–one for the kids, and one for the employees, and both are fun. But as fate would have it, I was sick all week, on and off.

The last bit worth mentioning is some progress on my other little side projects: I uploaded a new YouTube video to my personal channel, about my experience at Anime Fan Fest this summer. And I have slowly but surely been progressing on my animation site, AnimationComplex.com, and have been updating its Instagram a little. I’ll have to do another post soon highlighting some of the stuff I’ve been trying to do. I’m really excited about November though. It’s sort of a big deal for me. : )

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