November 2017

Personal / Friday, December 1st, 2017

Most Novembers start out really fantastically for me as my birthday is the first of the month. I’m not a big birthday person–just some lowkey quality time is all I need.

The celebration for me started on Halloween though. And started…with doctors appointments. Once that was out of the way, the bf and I drove up to Bear Mountain and walked around by the riverside and visited the on-site museums–things we’ve never done despite frequenting that area. After, we got ramen at a new restaurant that opened downtown before going to the final meeting of the podcasting class I’d been attending at the library. We had a fun Halloween-themed meeting before bidding each other goodbye and heading home.

On the first, I had to go to work. Which was fine–my team actually surprised me with a cake, which was so, so sweet of them. At lunch, they had a screening of the new Studio Ponoc film (distributed by GKids) Mary and the Witch’s Flower. That evening, the bf and I popped over to Cosi for some sandwiches and I rewatched one of my faves, Whisper of the Heart. Some day he’ll stay awake through that film….but this year was not his year.

Speaking of films, this month was decent. Saw the new Thor, which was basically a funnier, more colorful version of the first Thor, Justice League, and saw the Jane Goodall doc, Jane, which was fantastic. Ron Diamond visited work and presented his 19th annual Animation Show of Shows, which is always a delight. Including Mary, Blue Sky screened a number of other GKids releases this month, including Birdboy: The Forgotten Children and The Breadwinner. We also had a Q&A and presentation from the director Nora, as well as a presentation from the man whose job it is to localize the Studio Ponoc (and formerly Ghibli) films. I’ll eventually be writing about all of this over on Animation Complex. I also saw Coco, which I enjoyed a lot, and Loving Vincent. I revisited a few films this month too, that I hadn’t seen in years, like Enchanted and Meet the Robinsons, which still both hold up so well.

Work had been absolutely mental up until right before Thanksgiving, and now we are in the quiet period while waiting for the next steps from the powers that be. A decent amount of OT was worked, which makes shopping for Christmas a little less stressful. This entire year just snuck up on me, so I know Christmas will too.

Thanksgiving did, but it was made much more palatable (especially compared to last years post-election fun : P ) thanks to a couple of friends who joined my family for the holiday.

That’s sort of it to be honest. Bunch a movies and Thanksgiving. The bf and I did take a second trip to Bear Mountain, as the first time we went the zoo was closed, so we got to see the foxes as per our now annual tradition.

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