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Personal / Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

It’s Earth Day! And while this post won’t be anywhere close to the ones I made last year on Animation Complex and on here, I still thought I’d share something relevant I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

And that’s dirt. Composting, specifically. For the last few years I’ve really wanted a composting bin. I’ve also wanted a more space dedicated to plants, as well as invest in some bigger plants like smaller fruit bearing trees, but we’ve never been in the right place. I live in a rental, have been, and have no dedicated outdoor space. I also don’t have enough space inside to do this. At least if I had a balcony I could utilize that. And with the pandemic, the idea of not having my and my partner’s desks right up against the windows for sunlight was not happening. So my future plant table(s) will have to wait. Thankfully not too long though, as the partner and I are moving to Southern California sooner than later. While the climate will be more plant friendly, we’ll still be in rentals but I know going in that I really want to optimize whatever space we have for growing more herbs and greenery at home.

Something small that I’d wanted to do, as I said, was compost. Stores will sell cute little desktop bins for table and prepping scraps with filters for the smell, but what they don’t tell you is this cannot be your only composting source. Your scraps won’t just compost in there on their own. With most of these, you need to have a larger bin elsewhere (outside) to feed new scraps into. Otherwise you’ll just have a bin of rotting shit on your counter.

You need earthworms for a successful bin. I’ve seen some that use like, powders or liquid “starters,” but even then a little countertop bin isn’t big enough to be able to really take care of and maintain properly enough to actually be able to get anything reusable out of it. You need a place to leave compost for a long enough time that it can do its thing. I want a big old bin outside, one of those fancy tumbler wheel ones. I want worms to feed! I’m still a total newbie with this stuff, obviously, but I’ve always always wanted a space for a big garden and chickens. The chickens will have to wait still.

Here’s a fun, related video for you to learn more about some of this stuff:

Shout-out to white supremacy and the belief that European colonizers were more advanced. Y’all really proved that by fucking over the earth. So have a Happy Earth Day, and remember that 71% of all emissions are caused by the 100 companies and that while composting and reusable straws are great an all, what you really need to do is advocate for regulation and accountability. <3

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