Miko’s 35 Before 35

In no particular order:

  1. pay off student loans
  2. revamp website
  3. learn to swim
  4. become a TD
  5. actually go backpacking
  6. get lead certified
  7. start a YouTube channel for home movies
  8. finish Grand Canyon video
  9. go to Japan
  10. go to Disney World
  11. go the the Dominican Republic
  12. buy a new laptop
  13. get a mirrorless camera
  14. move into own apartment
  15. climb 5.12 indoor
  16. finish Presidential Continental trail
  17. learn Python
  18. do/help/contribute to an Open Source project
  19. start learning another programming language
  20. make a shadowbox
  21. screen print a shirt
  22. use Instagram
  23. take Jen to the Met
  24. see a Broadway show
  25. play the three Kingdom Hearts games on PS4
  26. grow out hair with intention to donate it
  27. custom build a new desk/gaming rig
  28. learn a game engine
  29. see Lake Street Dive again
  30. digital and physical cleanse
  31. try soylent
  32. kick-off handstand held for 10+ seconds
  33. learn C++
  34. US Roadtrip
  35. High Sierra Trail

General Goals

  • Travel to France/Europe
  • Visit/travel through China, Thailand, Austrailia
  • BANFF (Canada)
  • Visit all of the US National Parks
  • Build an app
  • Write a Maya pluggin
  • Sell a pluggin
  • Help mom buy a house
  • Learn how to model, rig, texture (general character pipeline)
  • Create EXTREME web series
  • Create “beginnings” shorts (i.e. first ever bathroom)
  • Drive on a racetrack
  • Work in another country
  • Get into robotics
  • Do a Kickstarter
  • Freelance for motion graphics
  • Learn how to fly a drone well
  • See the Northern Lights in Alaska
  • Ride a dog sled in Alaska
  • Niagara Falls