May 2016

Recap / Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

Ha! Better late than never, right? RIGHT?

I can’t honestly believe how fast June has flown by, and how much time has already passed since I went on holiday to California at the end of May. Hard to believe that a month ago today I was wandering around Mexico for the day, sampling delicious foods and soaking in the Tijuana sun.

May was a pretty eventful month for me, in big and small ways. There were small, stupid things like actually remembering my parents’ anniversary without a reminder, and getting a much needed haircut. See? Eventful. I was home to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom and her side of the family, and softball season started at work (we actually won our first game (the only one we’ve on thus far)).

I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time after wanting to play for so long but never having anyone to play with. Some co-workers try to get a game in over lunch weekly, so I got to create a character and go through the motions. They all get very into it too, using different voices, illustrating their characters, and the DM is super committed. I was so excited that I went and bought my first dice set at Anime Fan Fest in NJ, which was the first weekend in May.

Anime Fan Fest was created as a response to AnimeNEXT being moved to Atlantic City and the normal venue being vacant for lots of people, like me, who couldn’t commit to the AC prices. It was a lot smaller than ANEXT, which I’ve been attending for a looong time, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I managed to go to some interesting panels, got some great art and Digimon swag, and just generally enjoyed not feeling like a sardine. I went with my boyfriend and one of my best friends, which was also nice. Later in the day I tried to have them watch Balto for the first time and they fell asleep. Thanks, guys.

At Anime Fan Fest, I discovered a shop called Figurise that sold Digimon stuff, as well as a massive selection of other anime figurines. They have a warehouse called Gundam Planet in northern NJ, so the bf and I stopped there while driving from NJ to CT.

Patrick Osborne came and visited Blue Sky Studios! He screened his newest short, Pearl, which is a VR short. Patrick is previously known for his work at Disney, particularly on the shorts Paperman and Feast, the latter of which he directed. I’ve been a fan of his since I first saw Paperman and looked up all the people in the credits to try to learn more about the software used for it, Meander. I also attended a talk he gave at SIGGRAPH about Feast. Damn, were those Nuke comps massive! I got a poster for attending it, and had him sign it while he was visiting Blue Sky!

The end of my May was a big old trip to the west coast. Not the first for me, but the first that I could actually take the time to appreciate it. Though it was a little chilly, I enjoyed getting to wear shorts without question for a solid 12 days. And eating without hesitation. Not that I ever don’t do that already. The trip started with us exploring LA, then pit-stopping in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, then back to LA, one final day in San Diego, aaaand back to LA. I was really happy I got to do everything on this trip that I wanted to do, and that I got to nerd out about animation at so many different moments. I’ll write a whole post just about this trip…eventually. I still haven’t gone through all the photos and video that I took, nor have I really even had time to sit and process it all.

Getting back was a little tougher, but I think it always is when you have to come back to reality. And go back to work right after stepping off a red-eye.

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