March 2017

Recap / Saturday, April 1st, 2017

I’ve never worked more OT than I have in the last few weeks. I’m talking almost every lunch hour as well as after hours. But it’s bee worth it. Check out the trailer to the film I’ve primarily been working on:

Trailer day is always pretty fun at the studio. There’s no fanfare or anything, but it gives everyone a little boost to finally be able to show something to family and friends, and to signal that a few months down the road this thing that has consumed most of your life for the past couple of years is out in the world.

Because of this, though, most of my personal goals this month were on the backburner, like my 31 Day Declutter Challenge. Totally did not succeed, but definitely made progress which I can talk about in a future post. But let’s chat.

Books Read: 0 I’m in the middle of a bunch, but haven’t finished any–just haven’t had time. One highlight though, is that I’ve been listening to the audio book of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the car during my commute. The bf has never read them, and never will, so we compromised listening to them together, which has been really fun.

Blog Posts Written: 2 My worst month yet! Just the aforementioned de-clutter challenge, as well as a cheeky one about me wanting to blog years and years ago. Nothing on Animation Complex. My streak has ended 1/4 into the year. 🙁

Videos/Projects: 1 Not a video, and not something I can show, but I got some screenwriting done that I’m proud of. I’ve got lots of video footage in the can, but only spent about 2 hours editing this month.

At the Movies: 3 I went to the cinema to see Power Rangers which was awesomely bad, Get Out which was awesomely good, and Logan which was somewhere in between. At home, I watched a few movies in the background as I spent most of my free time working on the screenwriting project I mentioned above. The Netflix original film Girlfriend’s Day was recommended to me by a co-worker, and it was so absurdly funny. Last highlight was making the bf watch Anastasia for the first time. Sadly, I’ve been hearing not-so-good reviews about the Broadway musical…

Lowlights: One of the major bummers this month was learning that not all of my mail has been getting to me at my apartment. Apparently I was supposed to receive (and never got) a wedding invitation from a friend, as well as a post card from my cousin from Harry Potter World.

I’m going to leave a note next to the other mailboxes in case my neighbors got them, but at this point they probably assumed they were junk mail from past residents and junked them. I know that I get a whole lot of mail from people who used to live here, and it’s really annoying, but I don’t know the names of anyone else who lives here, so maybe I’ve tossed a current resident’s mail too?  🙁

Highlights: Like I said before, I worked a lot this month, and in some ways that was a lowlight, but in more ways it was cool. I was thrown into a lot more stuff, trusted with new information, and was able to find my flow amid the chaos. Of course, when I did have time for a lunch break, I was quick to decompress with friends, but actively, day-to-day, it’s rewarding. It does also highlight something I need to work on at work, which is being a little superstitious that if things are going very well, the karmic balance of the universe will make something horrible happen. Some times it’s very convincing though.

My class at the library ended, which is sad, but showed how quickly 8 weeks can fly by. It also gave me an excuse to spend long days writing in the library, which is something I’ve missed since leaving school. Hoping to turn that into more of a habit.

Oh! And we had a snow day in the middle of the month! That was nice, and came during an especially crazy week when my co-worker was on vacation and I was handling even more than normal.

Next Month’s Focus: Without any personal deadlines looming, and with what seems will be a quieter work month (famous last words), I am hoping I can get back into my own creative endeavors. I’d also like to finish that de-clutter challenge–it was really good when I was able to do it. One downside is that I’ve had several large bags to bring to my parent’s house sitting in the middle of my room. To de-clutter is to temporarily over-clutter. 😛

This month has shown me that even if I have something like an editorial calendar for myself, that it has to be able to survive under bigger commitments. Will need more time to reflect on that…

I’d like to spend more time working at the library, as a chance to change up my scenery when I work. And there’s a new figure drawing group in my town started by a co-worker that I’d like to attend. Their meetings are really early though–9am on a Saturday. I usually wake up at 9, so to be somewhere ready to draw at that time is a challenge in itself.

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