March 2016

Recap / Thursday, March 31st, 2016

I’ve already skipped posting during the month of February, so I am not going to mess up another consecutive month–even if it means posting a simple recap post at 11:32pm on the last day of March. Ta da!

That being said, March was…better. Much better than February, and the personal and familial pangs that come with simply living. I do wish that The Little Prince opened in theaters in the US as was intended, but now I’ll just have to continue to place my trust in Netflix. Butttt if that’s really the only bad thing I can think of, I think we’re doing much, much better.

March started off pretty strong, admittedly due to my boyfriend’s birthday being earlier in the month. Determined to not drag him down, we celebrated with a fun trip into NYC, despite my dislike of said city. I dragged him to my favorite, Kinokunya, as well as the Museum of Modern Art, the Nintendo World store, some good food and sights. We also celebrated by seeing Zootopia and having BarTaco with some friends. He and I did some additional exploring in our own town–we finally checked out a small local park and read by the stream. We’re also planning a trip to LA/San Diego at the start of the summer!

When I was home for Easter, I took some time to visit Asbury Park, NJ to brunch with my best friends from high school and wander the strange little shops (mostly antique places) in the area. Easter was wonderful, as usual, starting with a Dominican fish fry on Good Friday (followed by a second helping of Deadpool with my brother in tow). Easter itself was enjoyable–typical family fare.

I GOT A LIBRARY CARD! I cannot explain how exciting this was for me! Honestly, I could, but that’s easily a whole separate blog post itself. I know it’s sad, but I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me again. I’d forgotten how precious they are, and I’m fortunate that my new town has a gorgeous, very up-to-date and well-funded facility. I borrowed a bunch of graphic novels, and geek queen Felicia Day’s autobiography. I’ve been doing a 20 Book Challenge for 2016 on GoodReads, but I think with how speedy some comics are to read, I may have to bump it to 30. I intend to check out more traditional novels my next go-around.

Overcome with #relatable feelings after reading several of these library graphic novels, I plucked up the courage to actually shoot a video for YouTube. It was/is nothing special–a simple book review for Raina Telgmeier’s Smile–but from that one session I feel like I already learned so much. The footage still lives on my computer, where I have not touched Adobe Premiere CC in easily 10 days, BUT THE FOOTAGE EXISTS, and that is good enough for now. Starting really is the toughest part, man.

We also had puppeteer Bill Diamond visit work and bring some amazing characters with him! It reminded me of a documentary about Yoda that I watched not too long ago. It was very refreshing to hear about such a tangible artform, and hear him parallel it so well to CG/animation.

In general, this month was pretty good. I’m trying to do more art/craft things, I’m definitely reading more….cooking more, trying new things, feeling more confident at work… Still a long way to go, c’est la vie. But there’s so much to be happy about.

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