July 2016

Recap / Sunday, July 31st, 2016

July has flown by, as has this entire freaking year. It’s a little terrifying that we are more than half way done with this year. I think that’s a good thing, too. With shootings and the state of politics…this year is not one that history will likely remember too kindly. We are seeing the first woman nominated for president by a major political party, so there’s that glass ceiling theoretically shattered.

I think part of the reason July went by so quickly for me was because work did. It was absolute chaos and more often then not, the week would start, and then I would blink and it was already Thursday, and then Friday. With the 4th of July and our latest film release, we even had some shorter weeks in there, which was awesome of BSS.

Didn’t do much for Independence Day, and that’s just how I like my holidays, to be honest. The boyfriend did manage to drag me hiking along the Hudson River, to Anthony’s Nose, and I sung Hamilton in my head the whole time, so it was all very appropriate. Later that week was the Ice Age 5 crew screening and wrap party. This is my second film credit with Blue Sky, and in general, and like the first one, it was a blast. The venue was right in Times Square and was gorgeous, with dancing the wholeeee night. I even managed to sneak into the Times Square Disney Store and have a look before it closed, because of course. Later in the month, there was a friends and family screening of the film at our local theater, which I invited my parents, Tia, aunt, uncle, and cousin to. Following the screening, we went to Bartaco, and then walked around downtown, as I knew my parents would want to see the old architecture.

My cousin kept accusing our wandering around because of Pokemon Go WHICH IS ONLY PARTIALLY TRUE. It is a really fun game though. There’s so much hate towards it, like the world really needs your negative attitude towards a freaking mobile game, jeez. From what I’ve seen, other than the expected few bad eggs that try to ruin everything, it’s done a lot of good and has a lot of people out and about. The boy and I walk around wherever we happen to be more often because of it, and that’s not a bad thing last time I checked. I also became a gym leader for a hot second, which was rad. But I’ve learned way more about the different towns in the area because we wander around landmarks!

We’ve been going downtown a lot more. We tried a delicious sushi restaurant and got milkshakes to celebrate our anniversary, and we frequent our gorgeous public library to get in on that free AC! The library has a MakerSpace, and we attended some open studio time to play with the HTC Vive, a VR headset that they have. There’s a Unity class starting up soon we will probably attend as well. We’ve also been attending a podcasting class that I have really been enjoying. The teacher is awesome and we always end up meeting such interesting people.

Earlier this month, some friends and I went to the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, which is easily one of my favorite museums. At the recommendation of a co-worker, we grabbed brunch at a nearby French cafe that was fantastic. Now, the museum itself is pretty small, but it’s everything I love. There’s loads about film production and history, as well as video games and a whole area where you can play classic arcade cabinets. Speaking of games, I also attended–finally, after continually not going and then regretting it–a class on game writing. It was a portfolio workout class, which meant that we were working on pieces to build up a potential catalog of writing samples. It was taught by the woman who wrote The Witcher, and was hosted at Microsoft’s Times Square building through the IGDA NYC, so I went to the city more times this month than I really ever care to.

Mark Osborne, the director of Kung Fu Panda, visited the studio and screened his latest effort, The Little Prince, which had me in tears. He gave a fantastic presentation and Q&A following the screening, and I asked him to sign my artbook at the end. The film plays on Netflix on August 5th, and I cannot wait to watch it again. It kept making me think of my mom, who was in Paris on vacation this month. I’m really happy she got to go–her photos from the trip are incredible.

I am making slow progress with my other website/project, but it still feels like I am not moving at all. But I keep setting small goals each week, and hopefully soon I will have something to share here. The podcasting class has been helping me a lot with this actually..thinking about “brand” and how I want to come across. Unrelated, I haven’t been cooking as much this month, or going online..I’ve been reading a lot more, which is great..Looking through my Instagram for this post, it looks like I haven’t even been using my social media channels as much this month either. I think it’s this crazy heatwave we had. You just aren’t motivated when you’re sleepy and feel gross. Our new window unit definitely helps though.

The last thing I did this month was work on an application for a workshop at a film festival, and read the latest Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I attended the midnight release party because I just had to. It was a little weird not going with my cousin, who I’d gone to the last couple with all those years ago. The book/play was fantastic and I cried, and that’s all I say about that for now. : )

-I feel kind of dorky bolding choice things, but I also DGAF.

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