January 2017

Recap / Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

I initially started this post writing about how it’s become more and more difficult for me to remain passive with some of my Trump-supporting relatives, but that quickly took on a life of its own, worthy of its own post. It will likely come after this one does, so please check back for that or consider subscribing via email on the right column of this site, just below the search bar. #plug

I also tried started to write about being a bit disappointed by comments made by some of my Latino family who were very outspoken against immigration despite themselves being immigrants from a country that at the time was ruled by a dictator… but then that also took a life of it’s own.

Not much has been normal this past January. On many levels for me.

This month really is not the best one to try to make some changes to my monthly recap posts because it was a bit of an outlier (or at least I HOPE IT IS) for the year. I think the bf and I already had our fill for worst month in the first month.

After a quiet but nice New Years with him, and two of my best friends…I got sick. I missed two of our first three days back at work. The Sunday after New Years, I was feeling better and so we ventured out to IKEA to get some frames for prints…and we got into a five-car accident, all thanks to a drunk driver. I wrote about my feelings on it a few days after it happened, but now I can talk about both objectively and subjectively, which is strange. I can’t even find the silver lining and be like, “I got so much blogging done, being bedridden for a week!” because I got jack shit done because everything hurt and looking at a screen hurt and I was so angry and confused and existential about everything. I was sad for my bf, who has had to deal with lots of stupid things like this in his life, and like, really? REALLY UNIVERSE? We are fine now, but still working through everything. And yes, of course we were very luck to have gotten away with minimal damage. I am never not aware of that, but I am also not incapable of feeling multiple feelings at once. People always respond to my less graceful emotions with a “well at least you’re here” and it’s like…I can be grateful and pissed at the same time, you should try it some time.

To be honest, that sort of summed up my month. I was angry, I was in pain, I was stressed about things completely out of my control, between the government and finances and insurance and some things at work and how much slower my body has taken to heal.

I didn’t get any reading done. I’m in the middle of a few books, but nothing logged for the month of January.

I’d been on such a roll, had such good momentum and it came to a screeching halt. Pun intended. I was planning and breaking things down and scheduling time for things and DOING. That’s the key part. That’s the part people some times forget.

I saw Assassin’s Creed which was hilariously terrible, Hidden Figures which was everything you could hope for and more, Monster Trucks which will definitely achieve cult classic/weird kid’s movie notoriety someday, the wildly unremarkable Girl on the TrainLa La Land which was a creative way to tell a very basic story, and XXX: Return of Xander Cage which was embarrassingly delightful to just jump on board with and enjoy.

The podcasting class I took last year started up again, which makes me so happy. Even though I’m sort of at a point where I can get by without it, like last year, it serves as a weekly benchmark for me to say what I’ve gotten done. I didn’t even have a name for my project before attending that first class and by the end I had a semi-functioning site. The actual podcast is a little worse for wear as my teacher Mike often points out, but I gotta get my flow is all.

That’s sort of it. We didn’t go anywhere, kind of kept to ourselves. Two nice outings we had were once at our friends’ house for tacos and movies and another getting Japanese BBQ to celebrate two of our best friends’ birthdays. One of whom’s Christmas/Birthday present we still haven’t delivered. T_T

Thankfully January gave me plenty of year-end fodder for blog posts this month, so I didn’t break my posting streak before it could even start, but Animation Complex could definitely use some work. I only managed one post last month. Though the wheels are a-turning on that one. 😉

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