Some are pipe dreams, some are a bit more attainable with planning, practice, and patience.

Produce an animated feature film

Write an ‘Art of book’

Publish a book

Visit all of the Disney castles

Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

Write in the Eagle and Child pub in Oxford

Produce (and heavily contribute artistically to) my own animated short

Produce (same as above) my own video game

Visit the Ghibli Museum in Japan

Have access to the YouTube Space in NYC

Do voice work for an animated production

Re-learn how to draw, learn how to paint, not be an artistic hermit/wannabe

Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum

Visit Club 33

Learn Spanish

Learn Japanese

Film a webseries

Be a guest speaker at a convention/festival/conference

Publish an article on a larger site I love

Sell my work online

Make Digimon plushies


Attend a Vidcon

Attend a CTN, AnimeExpo, Annecy Film Fest, SDCC

Film a mini-doc