February 2017

Recap / Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

So last month I had really wanted to change up the format of this monthly recap to, well, actually give it some formatting, but it wasn’t really the best month for that. My cousin’s monthly recaps over on her blog are pretty cool, but I realized that I don’t have as many quantifiable things to track as she does. And I wondered if I could shake that up to keep my more accountable. I’m a sucker for gamification1, so I’ll have to test out a few. They’ll probably all be quite terrible this month, but…some times shame works…

Books Read: 2 The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker. Review definitely coming soon. And Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, review also coming soon. I’m a little worried that I’ve already read my two favorite books of the year in the first two months of the year.*

Blog Posts Written: 5! I wrote two over on Animation Complex, and 3 this month here on my blog (including what you are reading now!).

Videos/Projects: 1! Finally got something up for Animation Complex. Give it some love. : P

At the Movies: 2 I was tempted to see La La Land a second time, but opted instead to see my sweet Dev Patel in Lion and hooo boy was that an emotional trek. And, not to undermine the serious/heartfelt nature of the film, but hot diggity did Dev Patel pull a Neville Longbottom or what? Apparently everyone and their mother has made this joke, BUT WHO CARES LOOK.

Highlights: This was a pretty quiet month for me. So most of my highlights are honestly that I even have things to fill in in the above areas. I finally got a video out, largely thanks to my partner, I finally started reading and writing more after the unintended hiatus of January.

We had a snow day in February, which is always welcome. It’s sort of like a cheat day in that I’m not pressured to make the most of every free second like I am with the weekend, the logic being that “hey, I’d be in work right now anyway, so I can lounge about if I want.” Flawed logic.

Valentine’s Day isn’t really a thing for me. To be honest, we tend to be more excited about going to Target the day after and buying all the 50% chocolate. Plus I worked some OT that day anyway. Actually, I worked a lot of OT this month. More than I have in the 2.5 years I’ve been at Blue Sky.

It was very welcomed too, since we took a trip out to Boston for Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria!! The Airbnb we stayed out was lovely, and had a dog, WHICH WAS THE BEST. For the uninitiated, Nerdcon is a convention series that was created by Hank Green, who is one of the vlogbrothers on YouTube. The community that he and his author brother John Green have created over the 10 years of activity fondly calls itself Nerdfighteria, with the individuals being nerdfighters. I’ve been a nerdfighter for many years now, having learned about them in college. To be clear, a nerdfighter does not fight nerds. A nerdfighter fights for nerds. It’s enjoying nerdy things un-ironically, it’s activism and raising awareness, it’s a support group for anyone who has ever felt other’d. One of the things that really drew me to it was how we were always encouraged to imagine others just as complexly as we feel that we are. This iteration of Nerdcon, “Nercon: Nerdfighteria” is a convention meant to celebrate that community, and the 10-year anniversary of John and Hank’s channel, and all of the subsequent successes.

A full, separate post will definitely follow. I recorded a whole bunch of footage from this too, so hopefully I can figure out something to do.

Lowlights: I just really let this month sort of go in a lot of ways. I usually give my room a good cleaning each week and went the whole month living in a giant mess. I don’t believe in the notion that your workspace/room/etc reflects your mental state, but it did make me feel not too good. Part of that easily stems more from the fact that my bedroom is also my living room, and how I hate that (but accept it because rent is cheap).

I realized that I’ve become a little too cynical and angry about the state of the Unites States. Not saying that I’m not not angry still, but I realize that I am still trying to find a balance with it all. I’m at odds with a lot of my family who are unwilling to engage in any type of conversation about this all, who don’t want the family to fight over this (despite so many families (including our own) being affected by this all). It pains me knowing I have family that read Breitbart and support the messaging of that site. I miss when you could actually have a conversation or a debate without it spelling the end of a relationship, because both sides would have valid points. I feel like any possible validity there might have been is lost when it comes from a site that is proud of excluding those who are not straight white males or having a president who has yet to renounce the killing of an Indian man in Kansas or the hundreds of bomb-threats, gravestones toppled and other antisemitic actions. I will forever be baffled that we allowed this man a platform after mocking a disabled reporter or made disparaging comments to a Gold Star family.

Going back to my own little problems, I found that I struggled a lot with food this month. And by that, I just mean that I was quite bored with it…bored of cooking (more than I usually am) but also too indifferent to really try to change that. I have a few staples that I cook in large batches for meal prep. I’ve just been pretty unmotivated in that area.

Focus for Next Month: Boring housekeeping, to be honest. As I just mentioned, food has been a bit of a struggle for me lately. I just ordered a new cookbook that I’m hopefully getting at the start of March, so maybe that can help. I also just need to sit down and plan, revisit some old Blue Apron recipes, and work on clearing out my pantry.

In line with clearing out my kitchen pantry, I definitely need to go through my closets, as there is a metric ton of clothing that can be donated. There is stuff in my closet that I haven’t worn one time in the year I have lived in CT. Part of that is because I’ve become far too lazy with my wardrobe as a whole. But that I don’t mind. I’m lucky to work at a  company where that’s pretty OK.

There are always more things I want to do, but I don’t think it’s smart to go into setting up all of this stuff for March when I haven’t had a chance to give it all a proper thought. Though, the accountability is a motivator at times… Nerdcon really inspired me to figure more of this stuff out for myself. I’ll leave it at that for now. : )

1. If you’ve never read anything by Jane McGonigal, please do so!
* The two books I mentioned link to where you can purchase them on Amazon, via my Amazon Affiliates link. Any purchases made through it earn me a small commission that goes towards maintaining the site. See my Terms page for more info!

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