December 2017

Personal, Recap / Friday, January 12th, 2018

How is January already halfway over!? Unbelievable.

My December was lovely though. Partly due to the holidays, and partly due to work-related stuff.

The holidays for me were kickstarted in the town I now live in, Stamford, CT, with a zany invent where they have members of the town rescue squad dress up as holiday characters and repel down the side of one of the massive skyscrapers downtown. Followed by fireworks. It’s bizarre and I only happened to catch it because I’d been at the library and came outside to all the streets being closed and crowds and kids with light-up toys everywhere.

Another small surprise was an aunt and cousin came to visit at work! My cousin needed to interview someone who works in a management role. It was fun showing around people in my family and really getting to explain what we do, especially since I don’t really think most people get animation.


Mid-December we had our crew screening and wrap party for our latest release, Ferdinand! I’m working on something of a post-mortem post for this over at

Speaking of Animation Complex, I managed to get a post out in December as well, creating a gift guide for animation fans. It may not be Christmas or Hanukkah anymore, but you can still treat yo self!

The wrap party was a lot of fun…only to come in the next day and learn that we were in fact being bought as part of the massive Disney/Fox buyout. It’s created a slight air of uncertainty at Blue Sky, but as many Americans have said many times in varying degrees of bs last year, we persist.

That didn’t dampen Story’s spirits, and our annual holiday department party was filled with inappropriate humor and questionable presents as was last year.

Home for the Holidays

This year, I took extra time off from work to maximize my time at my parents’ house. It was worth it on an obvious spending time with the fam way, but I also was able to declutter and throw out a TON of old stuff and clothing from my childhood bedroom and even the overflow into our spare bedroom. There’s still a lot more to go (including a basement) but I’d really like to downsize what I still have in my old room and be mindful of the space I take up in that house now that I don’t live there.

Also, my parents have a fireplace. It was wonderful.

And I get the most amazing Dominican food cooked by my mamma!

The other big thing I do every December is go and visit my friend Nicole and her family in south Jersey. This year they were celebrating her father’s 60th birthday, and they got a lechon! The Dominican half of my family is pretty tiny, so the only time I ever get some of that pork is when one of my Filipino friends has a massive family party and I lucky my way on to the guest list. It’s especially nice that this annual party continues because Nicole has been teaching abroad in Asia FOR FREAKING EVER so this is usually the one time a year I get to actually see her in person.

We also spent New Years together, along with two other friends and the bf, just watching the ABC Family Harry Potter Marathon (because when ISN’T there a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family/Freeform?) and hanging out.

All in all I had a really quiet December. Day-to-day work was pretty slow, especially when everyone was so focused on the Ferdinand party. I saw lots of films as I do, and managed to finish my GoodReads reading challenge once again. I didn’t spend much time home thinking about the future so much as cleaning up the past and focusing on the present. It was a nice change of pace for me.

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