Blogging for Me in 2018

Personal, Recap, Reflection / Sunday, March 25th, 2018

So. I have a blog, huh? Let’s take a look at what blogging for me in 2018 looks like….because so far, it doesn’t really exist.

This (not including my last cryptic post, #sorryNotSorry) is 100% the longest that I’ve gone without posting on here in a while, only because I’d made it a priority to post at least once a month. But something so seemingly simple became such a bothersome chore. That monthly post meant that I was relying heavily on my monthly recaps, which, while I was consistent with those for all of 2017, I slowly came to dislike them. I’m not one of those people who is good at documenting their life like that. Sure, I use Instagram pretty liberally, and I do track my reading and film watching habits on specialty sites. You know what, typing/thinking out loud, maybe that’s why I’m pushing back at it so much. I already do document those things so why I am going to again? I get soso caught up in the research trap/analysis paralysis as my co-worker called it once, that how is it helping me to awkwardly explain away things that I struggle with in such a check-list-y sort of way? If anything, those struggles deserve posts of their own rather than casual throw-aways. Those bigger trips need to be their own posts and not throw-away ‘look I did something!’ sentences.

I think what I am now trying to explain away boils down to, “I don’t enjoy it anymore so I am going to stop.” But even still I feel the need to justify it. I don’t want to generate posts for the sake of it. Maybe this year I’ll do something more geared towards quarters, especially since conveniently enough we are coming to the end of Q1 of 2018.

The other side of it is accepting that this site is more of a fun sandbox for me. I’m not trying to accomplish anything with this site and blog in the way that I am with Animation Complex…not yet at least.

That’s really been the challenge though: prioritizing things.

Posting for postings sake is a disservice to everyone’s time. I just want to write more article/think piece type stuff about my life. More like journal entries when I feel like I have something worth saying, or when there is a moment or event in my life that I want to leave a little digital footprint for.

I think that also stems into what I do envision for this site in the future..which is not as much a log of my personal activities as I want it to be more topic-based. Still personal, but more editorial as well.What I’m thinking may require a totally new theme/redesign. But I’m still trying to find a balance with the different parts of myself that I share on the Interwebs. Regardless, we shall see.

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