August 2016

Recap / Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

The start of the month began with celebrations for two of my most favorite series. The night before the first of August, a new Harry Potter story was released in the form of a bound stageplay. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child left me with very mixed emotions, but in general it was nice to go back to that world that ached so heavily in my young heart. Secondly, the first of the month is known as Odaiba Memorial Day for those who are fans of an anime called Digimon. It’s always a day I lowkey celebrate, usually by just watching some episodes or movies. It’s exciting that for the series’ 15th anniversary, they have been releasing new films that follow the original kids from the show as older kids. Though I’ve already seen the films in Japanese (3 of the planned 4 films are out) I get to see the first film with the new English dub in theaters in September.

Later in the week the boyfriend and I went to see a local production of In the HeightsHamilton creator Lin Manuel-Miranda’s first foray into Broadway, and the first of his two Best Musical Tony awards. The show was terrific–the cast was thankfully largely Latino and the lead even sounded a lot like Miranda himself, who, like with Hamilton, initially played the lead role, in this case, a Dominican-American named Usnavi.

One of my best friends was visiting from Japan, where she works as an English teacher for the JET Program. This will likely be the last time I see her in person until she returns in 2 years (making her total stay in Japan 5 years). I am hoping to travel there with the boyfriend during her last year though. Started saving and everything! I was really happy I was able to see her and some more local friends who I sadly haven’t seen for a while either. It was especially nice that she got to meet the boy in person rather than Skype like in the past.

I’ve been attending a podcasting class at my local library and it’s sadly wrapping up today. It’s given me a lot to think about and a lot to work with. In small ways it’s helping me overcome some anxiety I have, but I suppose the real test will be when the class ends and real life begins. Over-dramatic but basically true. It did mark some firsts for me though, in that it was the first time I did anything podcast related (other than passively listen to one). In class, we were each interviewed by someone else. In my case, a toy designer named Valerie interviewed me, and I interviewed a really cool guy, Ric, who specializes in action and kung-fu films.

An unexpected part of my summer was  a pit stop in Boston on the way to Acadia National Park in Maine. Some friends and I tackled the Freedom Trail for a couple of hours before continuing our long car ride, also pit-stopping in Ogunquit and Bar Harbor on our back and forth. We only really had one day for the park so naturally my friends dragged me one some treacherous trail up…Cadillac Mountain I think? I can’t even remember. All I know is that there were parts of the climb that had metal support beams in it, and ladder rungs, and ACTUAL DEATH IF YOU MESSED UP. We walked along the coast later in the day, which was gorgeous, and admittedly worth putting up with my adventure-loving friends.

At the end of the month I took a trip to the Jersey shore to celebrate my abuela’s 82nd birthday. It was your standard family restaurant outing followed by cake at my uncle’s house, but not knowing where my career may take me I knew I couldn’t pass up even a simple gathering like that. Gotta take advantage of living close to home/the parent’s home while I still can. Speaking of them, they managed to visit the Dominican Republic this year, which is always a wonderful thing. I haven’t been in a while. Damn, I gotta get on that. (That was an In the Heights reference, yo.)

There were a couple of films I saw–Sausage Party which, although is 1000% not my type of humor, I was able to enjoy, and stop motion powerhouse Laika’s Kubo and the Two Strings, which, despite some weak areas in the story, I really loved. I also saw the documentary Life, Animated which was also a fantastic and unexpected gem. The doc follows a young man diagnosed with autism who finds a way to express himself through the animated films of Walt Disney. See the trailer:

That’s sort of it for August. Work was a bit slower as we wait for some things to fall into place, and we’ve been learning new tools. There are a couple of cool events coming up in September that I am hoping to attend, even if it means making the dreaded commute into NYC. I’m hoping I can get my new project up and running this month. In general though, I had a really lovely summer. No complaints over here. It is a little surreal not going back to school, even though I’ve been mostly out the education door for like 2 years now.

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