April 2016

Recap / Saturday, April 30th, 2016

Another month of 2016 already gone, and another month where…frankly I didn’t do too much. I’m normally a bit of a homebody, but I am also going to LA at the end of May, so I’ve been especially reluctant to go out and spend money. For me, this month was just a bit more chill, with a couple of little highlights.

The library in my town has become a welcomed, common staple for the weekend, which also curbs my need to buy books. I haven’t even bought any animation books recently due to my backlog of library reads needing full attention.

My boyfriend’s good friend’s birthday was this month, and we celebrated by driving into Brooklyn and going to Brooklyn Bowling, as well as a couple of pit stops at breweries. Before heading into Brooklyn, we pit-stopped in Queens for sushi. I’ve always wanted to go to a sushi bar that had the revolving carousel, and I’d heard there was one in Queens. At these revolving sushi joints, the chefs just continuously add new dishes to the revolving belt, which diners pick up. The prices are set depending on the color of the plate, ranging from $1-$5 for various rolls and appetizers.

It turns out it this one was actually smack in the middle of a mall food court! When my boyfriend realized I’d unknowingly dragged him out for “mall sushi” our expectations nose-dived. But I was honestly really impressed with the food. The fish was fresh, the combinations were interesting, and it was just delicious in general.

I was finally able to get ahold of an iron, and finish some of the perler bead sprites I’d made last month. As I state in my Instagram, I didn’t design these patterns, but wanted to get aquianted with the process. Naturally, I made Digimon spirtes, whose patterns were lifted from the sprites used in the GameBoy games:

I saw a friend who was in a local production of Little Shop of Horrors, which was awesome. Been watching a lot of films rented from the library, and cooking a lot. I’ve been specifically making big batches of food on Sundays to bring to work for lunch, saving me around $45 a week. Stuff like curries and soups. My favorite meal I made this month though was this one:

Work has been going really well too. We’ve been fortunate to get to work with some incredible people in April, and I hope the flowers that grow from those little saplings will bloom in 2017. ; )

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