Hello. My name is Jen. I live, breathe, and am lucky enough to work in animation. I’m currently holed up at Blue Sky Studios where I work as a production assistant. Before that, I worked at a small boutique studio in NYC as a freelance producer and later full-time post production coordinator. And prior to that I was very involved in SIGGRAPH as well as the Producers Guild of America. My interests include learning about film and animation history, video games, and reading and writing.

While studying game design and interactive media at The College of New Jersey, I became interested in filmmaking and tacked on a film minor with concentrations in creative writing and animation history. I was hell bent on customizing that degree. Following my bachelor’s, I immediately began attending the School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art program, as I felt that, in order to produce animated films, one should know exactly what goes in to making one. I took classes in CG animation for a few years before leaving early for an opportunity to work on The Peanuts Movie (2015). Unfortunately, the school would not permit me to continue attending the MFA program while working on subsequent feature films, so I never did complete my degree. But I have an IMDb!

This particular blog you are on is my personal blog, and will basically be about anything I want, and more of a reflective space for me to look back on. If you are looking for animation specific things on this site, you’d have to check the categories or tags, or better yet, pay a visit to my passion project and second website/blog Animation|Complex, which you can read more about here or just visit for yourself!


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