31-Day Declutter Challenge

Personal / Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

In response to my February recap, and stating that I wanted to focus a bit more on housekeeping and the general clutter in my life, I figured that a good way to hold myself accountable while further gamifying my life was to have a little challenge. It’s nothing special. Just every day this month I am going to tackle a different area in my room/kitchen/bathroom to sort through. This totally goes directly against Marie Kondo’s advice, wherein she suggests tackling possessions by type rather than location in order to see the entire quantity of said category at once. Buttttttttt nah. Maybe that’s the next step. But it’s not what I need right now.

That being said, please enjoy the rest of this self-serving post…though, a blog as a whole is pretty self-serving in and of itself. 😉

Every day in March, with an egg timer set for a 1-hour minimum:

1 Desktop
TV stand top shelf
Red bookshelf drawers
Clothing on metal shelving unit that are not in hangers (Saturday)
Floor of my small closet (Sunday)
Kitchen pantry/fridge/freezer (clean up + take stock)
Food in room (taking stock)
8 TV stand art supply shelves + artist box
Re-assess meal-prep, bookmark cookbooks, factor in pantry
10 Shelf in big closet
11 Big closet clothing (Saturday)
12 Big closet clothing (Sunday)
13 Finding a home for tech
14 Email
15 Harddrives + flasdrives
16 Photos/phone/app purge
17 Shelves in small closet
18 Bathroom shelf (Saturday)
19 Desk drawers (Sunday)
20 Blue Apron boxes + under the bed
21 Caddy next to my door, and adjacent items + recycle pile
22 Metal shelving unit + back of big closet
23 Floor of big closet
24 Drawers in big closet
25 Small closet clothing  (Saturday)
26 Small closet clothing (Sunday)
27 Wheely shelves
28 Coffee table drawers + mail/magazines
29 Bedding/sheets
30 White bookcase
31 Trying on non-hanger clothing (Friday)

It’ll be interesting to try to remember this post throughout the month, and to update it with my fave blogging tool, the ever-present strikethrough.

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