30 Before 30

Goal Tracking, Personal / Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

I’ve got a fun existential piece in the draft pile brain-dumping my thoughts about turning thirty and how it simultaneously doesn’t matter and IS EVERYTHING, but this is a much more basic post for the sake of getting something out there as it’s been a minute since I posted. Damn, that sentence was too long. But I like long sentences. Followed by some short ones. Pacing. Boom.

This past November I turned thirty. In 2017, I created a list: thirty things I wanted to accomplish before I turned thirty. 30 Before 30.

The one rule I gave myself was that it was fluid. I’d remove things I lost interest in or became obsolete (i.e. a restaurant I wanted to visit closed down). It was meant to put a bit of pressure on me, but it was also meant to be a mix of fun things, career-oriented things, personal improvement.

So here’s the list–some hits, plenty of misses, some in-progress.

1  Get paid to write something Thanks to my animation blog, I was given the chance to write for a site I’ve been reading for over a decade. Hopefully more to come.

2 Significant progress on animated short film Thanks, thesis!

3 Do a VEDA/Vlogmas/original multi-part series on YouTube Thanks, thesis!

4 (Re)Play all the Kingdom Hearts games IP. The husband and I decided we want to play ALL of them before 3. So we already played 1, Chain of Memories, 365/2, and we just finished 2. Birth by Sleep is next! Then Dream Drop Distance (2.8), then 3!

5  Go to the Met IP. We are going this month! I’ve been to the MoMA and MoMI a dozen times but never the Met

6 Revisit Serendipity 3 for frozen hot cocoa We went for my birthday when we went to see Joe Hisaishi live!

7 Write the pilot script for my own webseries I love this script and would love to turn it into a series

8 Teach partner how to swim I can worry about him a little less at the beach lol

9 Watch 52 films directed by women IP. I hadn’t been tracking it properly until this year. My letterboxd has 35 films in my women in film tag, but I also include films with strong leads (i.e. Mad Max: Fury Road) which wouldn’t count towards the official count, so I want to properly, intentionally do this “challenge.”

10 Re-watch the first four seasons of Digimon I’ve been wanting to rewatch my favorite series, but it’s hard to justify such a massive time commitment when there’s SO MUCH content in the world. Maybe I’ll change this…even though I really want to rewatch.

11 KonMari my belongings IP. I’ve gotten rid of several bags of clothes, over 100 books, random crap, but still so much at my parents’ house. But I try to tackle a bit each time I’m home, and am more scrutinizing about new stuff I bring into my apartment.

12 Visit the Balto statue in Central Park It was everything I imagined.

13 Beat any Digimon video game Technically IP, but I haven’t played my PS4 Digimon game in a few months.

14 Write an essay collection Low on the writing priority list.

15 Write a feature screenplay IP, but still in outlining mode.

16 Open an online store Haven’t been ready for this just yet, but soon!

17 Re-learn how to draw Ha. This was not a priority. But I want to still.

18 Do a NaNoWriMo/self-directed timed writing challenge I do this every year but never win. But I get more writing done that month then ever so it’s a win in my book.

19 Release an enamel pin I’ve been working on this on and off…ideas, researching manufacturers, designs, etc.

20 Board out one of my projects Thanks, thesis!

21 See a show on Broadway I haven’t already seen #YayHamlet!

22 Write at least 3 spec scripts But are they any good? Hope so.

23 Set up an LLC Not ready for this step yet.

24 Collaborate on a shadowbox project with partner Still want to do this!

25 Go to Medieval Times Lost interest.

26 Send out query letters to 5 different places Not as big a priority at the moment.

27 Have a consistent editorial calendar for blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. Was on the backburner for a while but now I need this.

28 Learn how to make more of my mom’s recipes This is like…half done. I’ve been writing down her recipes when I’m home and as she’s cooking because she eyeballs everything. But I have been cooking more and trying more recipes overall which is the goal. I want to know solid recipes off the top of my head, as well as understand things enough to improvise.

29 Re-read Harry Potter I’d wanted to read them with my husband. We successfully listened to the first book in the car on the way to work, but I don’t work there anymore and I’ll never get this done if I include him but I want him to experience the books but he hates reading but I just want to read them myself blehhhhh

I deleted the 30th one, as I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to expand this to 35. It was probably something thesis related and there were too many that would get crossed off at the same time when I graduated so I cut it to make room for something else. But now I can remove all of the ones I accomplished and think of some new ones.

Overall I’d give myself 12 1/2 out of 30, throwing myself a bone if things were IP enough to warrant even half a point. But like Whose Line, everything is made up and the points don’t matter!

But there it is. A timestamp of the list in 2019. You’ll have to check back on the page itself to see how it updates because I don’t think I’ll do another post this detailed introducing stuff since this probably only really appeals to me. I mean, that’s also most of this blog anyway. But I like sending my shit out into the universe.

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