30 Before 30

Partially inspired by my cousin and partially fueled by my mind mapping in my Passion Planner, I thought it would be interesting to list 30 things I’d like to have done by the time I am 30 years old, which will happen in the last bit of 2019. Let’s see what I can do in the next three years!

1  Get paid to write something

2 Significant progress on animated short film

3 Do a VEDA on my personal vlogging channel

4 Host a panel at a con

5  Go to the Met & Noguchi

6 Revisit Serendipity 3 for frozen hot cocoa

7 Write the script and series bible for my own webseries

8 Teach Miko how to swim

9 Visit Mt. Greylock in nerdy Harry Potter clothes + wand

10 Re-watch the first four seasons of Digimon

11 Go geo-caching

12 Visit the Balto and Alice & Wonderland statues in Central Park

13 Replay and beat my old Digimon video games

14 Write a book’s worth of essays

15 Learn how to sew/use a sewing machine to make a stuffed animal and a cosplay

16 Have an online store

17 Revisit Harry Potter World & Disney World in Florida…or be saving money specifically for it

18 Win a NaNoWriMo

19 Learn how to make macarons

20 Make a game

21 See a new show on Broadway

22 Submit to the SOAS

23 Have my own LLC

24 Collaborate on a shadowbox project with Miko

25 Eat at Sugar and Plumm, Max Brenner, Do, Two Hands, and Macaron Cafe

26 Go to DC to visit my cousin & eat at Bilbo Baggins

27 Have a consistent editorial calendar for blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.

28 Learn how to make more of my mom’s recipes–specifically my grandma’s spätzles and cheesy chicken, and my abuelito’s yellow rice

29 Go to Japan…or at least have dedicated money towards the trip

30 Read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace & see how much more I understand as an adult

+1 Go to Medieval Times