2017 Resolutions

Personal, Recap, Reflection / Saturday, January 14th, 2017

Between sickness and incidents (see my last post), this year has already started off a bit rocky. But I’m determined to regain the momentum I lost.

I already did a quick recap of 2016, which covered some things I was focusing on this year. Some of my goals also reflect in my recap from 2015, which already feels like so long ago. Say what you will about resolutions, argue about the negatives of sharing your goals out-loud, cite articles about how silly it is to wait for an arbitrary date to implement life-changes. The way I view them is pretty casually, and more like inciting incidents. Like, hey, if I do the bare minimum I’ve set for myself, then I’ll have done all of this stuff in a year. Rules set that you some times break are better than none. That’s just what’s always worked for me. I used to try to treat my birthday as the time to start my resolutions, as that is literally my personal new year/life anniversary, but it just doesn’t make sense for me what with my birthday right before the major slew of year-end holidays (read: chaos). That, and I was embarrassed to be one of those people who did sort of take resolutions “seriously.” Get over yourself, PastJen. 😛

It’s a bit of harmless fun that should only be meant to help you along.

Big Goals

Blog on here twice per month minimum. Last year I set it to once per month, and many months I churned out a monthly recap on the last day of the month. Like, no joke. This is a very informal site, but I’d still like to post more consistently.

Film 12 videos for Animation|Complex. Ideally 1 per month. This is the year!

Try to write some articles for other websites. I’m not sure how challenging this will be, so I’m not sure if I can quantify this other than feeling like even one article is a victory. Especially if I could get published on one of my top choice sites!

Post on AnimationComplex.com at minimum twice per month: In this case, I say twice because, ideally, one post each month will be dedicated to the video I’ll have made for that month. It’ll contain supplementals/corrections/further reading, etc. The second post will be something new.

Podcast at least 12 times this year. Again, ideally at least once per month.

Design and produce an enamel pin.

Save up for a trip back to Japan. Not sure when it will happen, but I need to save up for it while also continuing my normal savings. I’ve cut down on spending in a lot of areas, but there are still more ways to be efficient. Probably best to open a new savings account, and monitor my habits more closely.

Smaller Goals

Read 20 books this year. I track them via the GoodReads challenge! Setting the goal lower this year in the hopes that I will focus on longer books, and re-read some faves like early Harry Potter, as well as spending more time writing and filming. I also need to read more animation-related books and my own books, as I neglected them all last year in favor of shiny new releases from the library.

Continue filming 1 second of video per day. As consistent as I was with this in 2016, I often forgot to film during moments I’d have actually wanted! I’m sort of torn between liking that my instinct isn’t to reach for my phone, so some sort of balance must be struck.

Continue slowly detoxing. ‘Detox’ has become (justifiably so) a scam-y-sounding word, but it best describes my intentions, while also encompassing a lot of things. From cutting out toxic people, to hydrating and upping my meal-planning game, general physical and mental well-being, purges (i.e. email, hard-drives, closets), setting routines, and so many things I mentioned previously, post-election, regarding self-care and calls to action. Admittedly this goal definitely falls into the “too broad, not trackable” resolution folly. I’ll likely break this up into actionable steps offline–ya’ll don’t need the boring, gory details from my planner.

Continue attending more conventions and going to the cinema. $6 Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings are a god-send.


This year, I really wanted to do a 12-month creative challenge, where each month, I challenged myself to focus on a particular artistic endeavor that I’ve either been meaning to get around to but haven’t or used to do and want to pick up again. After some tough love from the bf, I am starting to think I won’t be able to justify this time commitment what with all of the writing and filming I plan to do this year. I even had a title for it!

So perhaps this can be a reminder for next year–maybe I will be able to work this in once I’ve established more of a routine with the larger goals I want to tackle this year.

Or maybe instead of focusing a certain number of hours per week in each month (as planned), I can just dedicate a weekend each month or something smaller as a way to just dive into a new thing this year. I’ve got the list in my notebook, and I have many supplies already. I just need the resolve.


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