December 2016

Just your standard recap post. I’ll be doing at least one reflective post for the entire year soon enough, but this one is just for December. If you want to read on about my top 5 animated feature films of the year, you can check that out on my other animation-focussed website.

A bit uneventful, a bit of unnecessary stress (caused by yours truly), and a lot of the quieter moments I tend to favor. I think like everyone, I’m just eager for this year to end, which is a shame, especially considering that I’m not necessarily looking forward to 2017 either. It’s not that I’m not per se, but it just seems like every day there’s something new to worry about…situations globally, inaction (justified or otherwise) from governments and leaders, failure in general from governments and leaders, necessary evils, unnecessary evils, on top of all of the woes one experiences on a personal level.

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