Context and Insults

While casually scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across an article about a boy whose teachers referred to him as a mutt. It stuck out to me for a few reasons, initially because I saw the word “mutt” and immediately thought it might be about my favorite comic strip, Mutts, by Patrick McDonnell.

But it was far less saccharine, as the comment was a response to the boy’s bi-racial ethnicity, a comment that left him confused, and later hurt as others explained what it meant. That. That’s where my problem is.

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September 2016

I know that at this point, everyone ALWAYS says this, but I really do feel like this year only just started a little while ago. I’ve caught myself accidentally referring to February as a “few” weeks ago a number of times, as late as last week. I still remember the first day of the year so clearly (and the delicious Mexican restaurant around the corner that I still haven’t been back to since…so maybe that’s it!).

That being said, September did actually drag on a bit for me. I think I get really pumped up about it, what with the seasons changing and all of the back-to-school excitement, but then realize that none of that really affects me anymore and I get bummed out. I’ve been forcefully removed from school for two years now, and yet I still let that autumn buzz hit me. Maybe because I didn’t actually get any closure? That for sure, but also because I think for a lot of people we still do just hold on to that fresh start. We love fresh starts! We’re only humans after all. Personally, I think that’s why New Years is a bit of a joke some times. Like, this “reset button” is essentially in the middle of nowhere. It’s not like you have a long break from work or that anything really changes. Arguably, the same goes for summer too, as an adult, but still people do tend to take advantage of the warmer months2 and take vacation. The logical part of that too being that most adults (at least that I work with) are parents and thus their kids are out and so their schedules adapt slightly.

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