August 2016

The start of the month began with celebrations for two of my most favorite series. The night before the first of August, a new Harry Potter story was released in the form of a bound stageplay. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child left me with very mixed emotions, but in general it was nice to go back to that world that ached so heavily in my young heart. Secondly, the first of the month is known as Odaiba Memorial Day for those who are fans of an anime called Digimon. It’s always a day I lowkey celebrate, usually by just watching some episodes or movies. It’s exciting that for the series’ 15th anniversary, they have been releasing new films that follow the original kids from the show as older kids. Though I’ve already seen the films in Japanese (3 of the planned 4 films are out) I get to see the first film with the new English dub in theaters in September.

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